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Crafting the Future of Healthcare with Salesforce

Author: Sanjeev Verma, SVP, Head of Growth at Wilco Source


In the high-stakes world of drug development and patient care, any form of data inaccuracy, incompleteness, or misinterpretation can cost lives. That’s why the launching of Salesforce's Life Sciences Cloud stands out as significant milestone—highlighting the transformative potential of data, AI, and ML in streamlining operations in the Life Sciences industry and enhancing patient outcomes. These cutting-edge technologies are consequential in driving speed, efficiency, and quality. With all this upside, why then is the industry slow at realizing the benefits?


Our extensive experience in more than 100 implementations for top global pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies show that the real challenge isn't in adopting these cutting-edge technologies—it's integrating them seamlessly into existing systems and being able to count on your data quality, availability, and completeness.


Through this blog, let us take a closer look at the various challenges that come in the way of realizing the potential of AI and ML.


Key Challenges in AI & ML Implementations


1. Siloed Systems and Data Quality Issues

Most organizations are stuck with fragmented systems and lack data standardization, making it hard to access clean, unified data. This gets in the way of creating a single source of truth.


2. Interoperability Issues

Getting different systems to communicate seamlessly is a major hurdle, often leading to inefficiencies, data inconsistencies, and even data governance and compliance issues.


3. Lack of Domain Knowledge

Even with the best intentions, many system integrators lack deep domain knowledge, leading to over-customization, compatibility issues, and further system fragmentation.


Along with these common challenges, there are other key aspects that need to be addressed to ensure the highest standards in healthcare and life sciences industry. They include regulatory and ethical issues, scalability with higher data volumes, processing throughput for AI, ML, and simulations and streamlining workflows across various roles.


Salesforce Data Cloud: Turning Problems into Solutions

Our exclusive focus on healthcare and life sciences, paired with our strong partnership with Salesforce, makes us the expert and partner of choice to overcome these obstacles. With years of experience and a deep understanding of industry-specific requirements, we craft tailored solutions that ensure seamless data integration, robust compliance, and enhanced operational efficiency—with speed and scale.


Data Integration and Interoperability

· Unified Patient Profiles: Imagine a one-stop shop for all your patient data! Salesforce Data Cloud brings together information from EHRs, clinical trials, wearables, and more, creating a real-time, unified patient profile that's a goldmine for AI/ML models.

· Seamless Data Connectivity: No more data roadblocks! Thanks to Mulesoft, Salesforce's integration platform, data from different sources - legacy EMR, ERP and third-party data brokers - all seamlessly connect, ensuring your systems play nice together and stay compliant.


Data Quality and Governance

· Enhanced Data Quality: Say goodbye to messy data! Salesforce Data Cloud gives you the tools to clean up, de-duplicate, and enrich patient data, thereby improving the quality and reliability of data for AI/ML models.

· Robust Data Governance: Keep your data in line! Salesforce Data Cloud keeps a digital record of every event, perfect for compliance and clinical trials, so you can sleep easy knowing your data is squeaky clean and complies to all regulations.


Regulatory and Ethical Considerations

· Regulatory Compliance: We've got your back on the legal stuff! Salesforce's solutions are built to follow healthcare regulations like HIPAA and FDA guidelines, so you can use AI/ML responsibly and ethically.

· Ensured Compliance: Dotting the i's and crossing the t's! With features like e-signatures and traceability, we make sure you stay compliant for everything—from clinical trials to precision medicine.


Scalability and Performance

· Scalable Deployments: Ready, set, grow! Salesforce's cloud-based setup and integration know-how mean you can scale up your solutions and AI/ML models without breaking a sweat.

· Operational Efficiency: Work smarter, not harder! Salesforce streamlines your workflows, making life easier for developers and users alike. Plus, with Einstein AI lending a hand, manual tasks get automated, and processes get streamlined, boosting efficiency across the board.


Proven Solutions and Accelerators

Our one and only focus on Salesforce and Healthcare and Life Science has allowed us to convert several repeatable and reusable processes into frameworks and accelerators. Our ready-to-use accelerators cut down implementation time and effort, allowing your operations to be up and running in no time. With our extensive experience integrating legacy systems across the globe, rest assured, we've got compliance covered too. The frameworks help reduce effort and speeds up cycle time while reducing risk of errors or omission.


Mitigating Risks with Proof of Concept

Nobody likes surprises, especially when it comes to implementing new solutions. That's why we offer a Proof of Concept (POC) that gives a sneak peek into the value and feasibility of our solutions firsthand, allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence. Also, the true challenge isn't just adopting AI and ML—it's about ensuring your data, systems, and processes are reliable, secure, and unified.


The Road Ahead

Ready to revolutionize your business with AI and ML? By teaming up with Salesforce and tapping into our industry expertise, solutions and accelerators, you'll streamline your transformation journey like never before. Join the ranks of our successful clients and embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of AI and ML. Let’s talk about how we can help you achieve your goals and revolutionize the future of healthcare together.


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