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Salesforce Strategies: Interview with Magon Mair, 6x Salesforce-certified Solution Architect

Wilco Source: We're thrilled to introduce you to one of our most exceptional team members, Magon Mair. As a 6x Salesforce-certified Solution Architect based in the Bay Area, she brings great value to our team. Magon, welcome. Let’s begin with the basics. Could you share with us what you enjoy most about your work as a Solution Architect?

Magon Mair: Certainly, and thank you for having me. I enjoy having a client-facing view into watching the work our team does come to life and solve for business needs. I also love the balance between this and the behind-the-scenes problem solving, design and teamwork. That’s where the magic really happens.

Wilco Source: It’s clear that you have a passion for your work. How do these aspects excite you about the future of your role at Wilco Source?

Magon Mair: The continuous opportunities for education and personal growth is what excites me. Each project is a new puzzle to solve. New technologies and new clients bring new opportunities to learn and solve business challenges with our team. Watching the company grow and excel is a great feeling.

Salesforce Strategies: Interview with Magon Mair, 6x Salesforce-certified Solution Architect

Wilco Source: You’ve touched upon problem-solving and learning opportunities, both key aspects of our work. How critical would you say project management is in the success of a Salesforce implementation? And could you elaborate on Wilco Source’s approach to keeping projects on track?

Magon Mair: Absolutely. Project Management is critical to our client's success. We leverage Agile Methodologies to allow our clients flexibility in project deliverables. We keep projects on track by giving clients a project plan and road map that is reviewed weekly in an Executive Status call, along with Daily Scrums to provide transparency into our current Sprint deliverables.

Wilco Source: That transparency sounds key. In the spirit of open communication, how do we at Wilco Source collaborate with stakeholders within an HLS organization to ensure a successful Salesforce implementation?

Magon Mair: We start by identifying key project team members and stakeholders throughout the HLS organization. Holding Daily Stand-ups for the core project team and providing weekly status updates for executives and stakeholders fosters transparency and ensures effective communication within the project team.

Wilco Source: And then afterward—could you discuss our strategies to optimize Salesforce user adoption and end-user engagement?

Magon Mair: It’s not necessarily afterward. User-adoption must be strategized from the onset. We believe in early and active engagement. This includes identifying a Product Owner and subject matter experts at the project's onset, involving them in user acceptance testing, and taking their input and feedback. This process helps these users become champions for the project.

Salesforce Strategies: Interview with Magon Mair, 6x Salesforce-certified Solution Architect


Wilco Source: So engaging users is a great first step. But what about when we need to help clients adopt new technologies and processes? How does Wilco Source facilitate that transition through our change management services?

Magon Mair: Our approach to change management is deeply rooted in understanding our clients. We work to understand their current processes and speak their language when delivering training on the future state, boosting their confidence in our understanding and ability to help.

Wilco Source: Making sure clients feel heard. Could you explain how you, as a consultant, help our clients adopt new technologies and adapt to our solutions?

Magon Mair: I believe in seeing things from the user's point of view. I listen to their concerns about their current solution, analyze their needs, and propose a solution. “Listen, understand, deliver.” That’s our motto. We keep clients involved in the solution development and adjustment, helping them feel invested in the project.

Salesforce Strategies: Interview with Magon Mair, 6x Salesforce-certified Solution Architect

Wilco Source: It's clear that user-centric solutions are key. Could you share an example? Where has Wilco Source streamlined a niche HLS business process using Salesforce?

Magon Mair: Sure. Recently, we used Salesforce Field Service to implement an inventory management system that tracks inventory levels for all employees and contractors. This system has resulted in reduced customer wait times, increased productivity, and alignment between the ERP and CRM.

Wilco Source: Good results?

Magon Mair: Great results!

Wilco Source: Awesome. Now let’s move with an eye toward the future. With all these new technologies in play, how do you see Salesforce AI and predictive analytics shaping the future of patient care?

Magon Mair: I see Salesforce AI and predictive analytics playing a key role in patient care. By piecing together data related to a patient, these tools would be able to assist in presenting users with potential ailments, treatments, and other important information, thereby saving a lot of time spent searching for symptom matches and combinations of conditions.

Wilco Source: And back to the now. Which Salesforce product do you personally find the most impressive, and how does it relate to our offering at Wilco Source?

Magon Mair: Back to the previously mentioned project—I'm a big fan of Salesforce Field Service. I believe it’s commonly unoptimized and therefore underutilized. It provides a comprehensive view of all Service Resource schedules, allows for real-time updates, tracks inventory, and so much more. It aligns perfectly with our mission of getting the right person, to the right place, at the right time with the right tools.

Salesforce Strategies: Interview with Magon Mair, 6x Salesforce-certified Solution Architect

Wilco Source: Lastly, looking back at your time with us, which project would you say has yielded the most dramatic results for its client?

Magon Mair: I would point to our work with a BioTech Manufacturing client, where we unified processes globally and removed a system that had been in place for over 10 years. I believe an upcoming project may yield even more significant results, though, as we’re set to stand up Salesforce, Salesforce Shield, Field Service, Health Cloud, install Five9 integration and integrate with MuleSoft.

Wilco Source: Amazing. Your dedication and enthusiasm shine through, Magon. We're proud to have you on the Wilco Source team!

Magon Mair: Thank you. I'm grateful to be a part of it.